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Rat Chat #1 Introduction to Les Rats

Welcome to Les Rats' new home...our own magical cupboard. The Ratisserie is a great place to visit our personal rats and to learn the genealogy of your the parents and grandparents of your family rats. Follow us to learn about Les Rats new Ando the Pando kid's series starring our ratties. Unlike last year, we will again be offering Les Rats calendars for 2022. Photos (and post daily photos nationwide and open-discussion rat chats. I will post about health and rat care along with showcasing our Les Rats Family Mischief (Les Rats t's, polos and collectible toys are coming soon) Check our new Jungle Bex Boutique where Les Rats' own rat designer, Mrs. Rebecca Fivecoat, will showcase her whimsical, rat-approved hammocks.

Our rat-inspired business plan is available to anyone interested in supporting local, small businesses but also expect a sincere nod to the many companies and corporations that employ and provide for us and our families.

The breakdown of our services here at Les Rats...

As always, we like to stress the importance of using your purchasing power to support local businesses and self-employed families. We all need to help each other through these brutal times. Les Rats is supportive of #madeintheUSA. Our products are produced completely handmade with quality materials. Our own personal food mix is a nutrient rich, textured and natural diet that caters to the health and conditioning for our breeding program. Our price per pound is 4.28$. We sell in 3.5lbs, 7lbs or customized weights.

15$/3.5lbs, 30$/7lbs, 5$/delivery anywhere in the Treasure Valley.

We are now offering home health appointments 5$/visit for gas ;}

includes nail trims and anti-parasitic preventative drops

We cater to all things rat for the life of the pets.

If it seems that vet attention is needed, we just retain 5$ and give you an exotic veterinarian referral in your area. If euthanasia is necessary, Les Rats' vet will offer services for only 25$ to encourage the humane treatment of rats for an affordable, fair price.

Les Rats is so thankful to all our supportive families for all the time and care they take to raise our ratties in loving homes. We breed for personality and adorableness. The best compliments are those where our families tell us what a happy love their rats provide them as a pet. That's why WE love our quirky community!


Les Rats



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