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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Good evening (Bon soir) to our followers!

We are happy to announce that we have rexes available at this time for reserve. Some babies are recently or soon to be available to go to their new homes. Contact us for more information and how to reserve your pick of the litter.

Check back with us now as we finally get down to the daily Rat Chats. We have so many exciting things scheduled for the 2021 year, new specialty genetic lines, plans to get into the communities to spread the word about rats and positivity, and our own Les Rats merchandise and the soon to be stocked Jungle Bex' Rat Boutique for rat hammocks, rat slings, and matching fleece cage platform covers. As many of you know, we are very passionate about rats and promoting positive rat awareness in schools, educational facilities and exotic pet fairs. Our rats are Les Rats' ambassadors of whimsical goodness.

But...Les Rats is also about community and environmental awareness. We are in the business of sharing our love for rats while teaching other entrepreneurs and small businesses how to grow a business ethically from the ground up and how to manage small business growth. So follow us for all the latest fun rat trends, cute new pictures and updates, and how to run a small business effectively and confidently. :)



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